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Valentine's Cookie Delight

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Surprise your loved one with our Valentine's Cookie Gift Box. Filled with delicate bite-sized cookies - mini raspberry Linzer tarts, Vanilla Bites dunked in white chocolate, or covered in dark chocolate, Rum Truffles rolled in cocoa, caramel, cane sugar, and coconut, and white and black thumbprint cookies filled with raspberry and apricot jam, this cookie box is a lovely valentine's surprise.

Valentine's orders will be shipped beginning the week of January 29 unless otherwise requested. Orders placed on or after February 8, will ship after February 14.  

4 Mini Lainzer Tart Cookies
4 Raspberry Thumbprint cookies
4 Apricot Cocoa Thumbprint Cookies
4 Vanilla Bite cookies covered in white chocolate
4 Vanilla Bites cookies covered in dark chocolate
4 Rum Balls covered in cocoa powder

INGR.: Flour, unsalted butter, sugar, almonds, walnuts, confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, egg yolks, couverture chocolate (min Cocoa: 54.5%), raspberry jam (raspberry, sugar, pectin), apricot jam (apricot, sugar, pectin), cocoa powder, vanilla extract,  baking powder. CONTAINS WHEAT, DAIRY, EGG, TREE NUTS (almonds, walnuts), RUM.

Net weight: 8 oz (226g).

Photo by Maggie Tittler Photography