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Inspired by Austria’s rich culinary tradition, Founder and Executive Pastry Chef, Heidi Riegler launched Vienna Cookie Company to offer baked goods that are authentic to Austria’s cultural origins.

Heidi was born in Austria, a country that prides itself as the inventor of some of the most delicate desserts and baked goods. Known for Apfelstrudel, Sachertorte, Guggelhupf and its delicate holiday cookies, Austria is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. “Growing up in Austria exposed me in quite a natural way to baking,” says Heidi, who is a self-taught baker and learned all her baking tricks from her mother and grandmother. "My mom taught me everything I know about baking. All the recipes I use are from her recipe collection."

Heidi began her baking endeavor when friends and colleagues encouraged her to offer her cookies professionally. She started to serve cookies at tasting events at food fairs and offers them online, via, at her retail store in Baldwin, NY, and at select stores in New York City.  

Vienna Cookie Company’s cookie repertoire includes variants of Linzer cookies filled with different jams and dunked in flavored chocolates, the Vanilla cookie, which is rolled in Vanilla sugar or dunked in dark chocolate, the popular Viennese Chocolate Kisses, a delicious chocolate hazelnut cookie, sugar cookies, the Amadeus cookie, and more.

To reflect Austria’s rich cultural heritage, Vienna Cookie Company's packaging design mirrors Vienna's Wiener Werkstätte movement of the Fin-de-siècle with its rich pattern, Nouveau typesetting, and metallic color choices.

By offering freshly made, high-quality products based on authentic recipes as well as creative variations to the traditional Austrian cookie, Vienna Cookie Company conveys the great quality of its product. The stylish Viennese packaging design adds originality and classiness. It is the perfect gift for the holidays and special occasions.