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Viennese Chocolate Kisses

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,  are an irresistible treat. Made with hazelnuts and rich dark chocolate, the remind of chocolate truffles. One of our favorite cookies, the Chocolate Kisses were picked by The New York Times food columnist, Melissa Clark, as a winner of the WNYC Holiday cookie contest. In addition to the traditional Chocolate Kisses, we created variations with orange and coffee flavor.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, unsalted butter, confectioner's sugar and dark chocolate, orange and coffee extract. This cookie is gluten-free.

On Cookie box contains 24 cookies:
8 cookies each in 3 flavors: chocolate, orange, cherry. 

Net weight: 8 oz.  Box size: 6.75 length x 5 width x 2.125 depth

ALLERGY WARNING - This product contains nuts and dairy. Avoid if allergic.