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Easter Cookie Box

$ 50.00

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How cute is this Easter Cookie Box?   Filled with glazed sugar cookies, bunnies, peeps, and flowers, and a special "Happy Easter" cookie, this cookie box is the perfect gift for Easter.

Includes 42 sugar cookies.
2 Happy Easter Butter Cookie
6 Decorated Easter Egg Butter Cookies
6 Decorated Easter Bunnies Butter Cookies
6 Decorated Easter Peeps Butter Cookies
6 Easter Bunnnie Butter Cookies
6 Decorated Flour Butter Cookies
3 Decorated Flour Butter Cookies with sprinkles
3 Decorated Tulip Butter Cookies
2 Sugar Cookies

Net weight 16 oz (453 gr).
Box size: 9.75 length x 6.625 width x 1.25 depth 

Flour, unsalted butter, sugar, egg yolks, confectioner's sugar, sprinkles, food coloring.

No artificial flavors, no preservatives, no GMO-ingredients.

Best kept fresh when refrigerated.